Welcome to Musigmadelta
Welcome to Musigmadelta
Statistical and Programming Services
Statistical and Programming Services
Training Services
Training Services


MuSigmaDelta Consultancy, founded in 2017, offers a wide range of services with expertise in Statistics and Programming solutions to different problem related to Clinical Research and Healthcare Analytics. We understand that decision making is a complex process and we help you take optimal decisions by identifying the true nature of the research problem and careful investigation of it using sound statistical tools.

MuSigmaDelta Consultancy also aims to help you enrich your knowledge roots via different training activities which cover a vast range of topics of Statistics including both Basic and Advanced Statistics.

Statistics Services

Statistical Design, Sample Size Calculation and Statistical Analysis Plan Development
We help finding the most optimal study design to make sure that your research problem is analyzed...
Study Set-up Activities and Study Execution
We develop appropriate randomization scheme and work with study team for its proper implementatio...
Training Services
MuSigmaDelta Consultancy also aims to help you enrich your knowledge roots via different training...

Latest blogs

Change from Baseline: Absolute or Percentage?
December 18, 2020
Change from baseline is a common way to measure treatment effect in many health-care research studies. For such studies measurements are taken before and after ...
Item Response Theory in Change from Baseline for Ordinal Data
January 11, 2019
In quality of life data, it is common to have the outcome measures as ordinal e.g., points on a Likert Scale. These outcome measures are based on attributes ...
Let’s dig more p values
December 15, 2018
P values are ubiquitous in medical literature and are often misinterpreted. The p value is often misunderstood as probability that the null hypothesis is tru...
Ockham’s Razor: A Good Shave (?) to the Regression Analysis
December 15, 2018
Occam's (or Ockham's) razor is an idea attributed to William of Ockham, a 14th century logician. The idea suggests that explanatory entities should not be mu...

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