Statistical and Programming Services

MuSigmaDelta Consultancy offers a wide range of services with expertise in Statistics and Programming solutions to problem related to Clinical Research and Healthcare Analytics. We understand that decision making is a complex process and we help you take optimal decisions by identifying the true nature of the research problem and careful investigation of it using sound statistical tools.

Statistics Services

Statistical Design, Sample Size Calculation and Statistical Analysis Plan Development

We help finding the most optimal study design to make sure that your research problem is analyzed and interpreted in the best possible manner.
Services include assisting the research team with the development of research problems, Sample Size computation and identifying the appropriate statistical analyses by developing apt Statistical Analysis Plans and mock shells for the outputs.

Study Set-up Activities and Study Execution

We develop appropriate randomization scheme and work with study team for its proper implementation as per study requirement and regulatory process. We can also help you with statistical review of other study set-up documents e.g. Case Report Forms (CRF), Data management Plan, any study specific SOPs etc.
Here in MuSigmaDelta Consultancy we help you with service of study/trial statistician and to produce statistical outputs (Table, listing, Figures) as per analysis plan.

Training Services

MuSigmaDelta Consultancy also aims to help you enrich your knowledge roots via different training activities which cover a vast range of topics of Statistics including both Basic and Advanced Statistics.
In MuSigmaDelta Consultancy we try to fulfil all your training needs related to different aspects of Statistics and Programming in Clinical Trial. Our audience span from the professionals belonging to pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organization, individuals belonging to academic fields as well as students.